Easter Again

Well, we had a good Easter in our new town out here in the West.  Lucky Coco has had TWO Easters before turning 1!  This year she was much more involved in the activities.  Despite some mood issues, some wind and a slight chill in the air, the day was very nice. 

Coco wore her Easter/Birthday dress today.   Again, the dress is the Oliver  + S Bubble pattern, size 12-18 months, so it will fit through the summer hopefully. The bonnet is Amy Karol's design, in matching Anna Maria Horner Garden Party green.  She rocked the dress, and in the cold air both kids wore there new 'sweatjacks' -- hooded sweatshirts from the Target clearance rack with initials and decorations (a flower, a rocket ship) appliqued for interest. 

IMG_7069While playing in the afternoon, I had time to work on another special item for Coco's birthday -- a birthday banner.  I've seen the ones Amanda Blake Soule has made for her children in her book The Creative Family and have always thought these were great decorations.  And reusable!  I finished the fabric painting today.  Now to finish the part that says 'happy birthday'.  I am going to put the part that says 'coral' up in her room after her party.

Lately I have a ton of little special crafty things going, just the way I like it!

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  1. I love how to take ordinary items and make them unique!