I don't have any completed projects to show yet.  Partially due to travel, partially due to sick kids, and mostly due to the fact that I have about ten projects that I'm getting going right now.  Something about the snow here is making me want to just sit around and plan projects and order fabric (which I have been doing and I have to stop now!!!)  Here is where some of my inspiration is settling right now:

Finally getting some of Anna Maria Horner's voile!  I am hoping to make this dress for myself.  I haven't made myself a dress in many years, but think I could use a sewing project that I will directly benefit from. 

I'm making aprons, hopefully some to sell, some to gift.  I'm having fun with the fabric for this!

I just cut out Coco's Easter/birthday dress with the Oliver + S bubble dress pattern.  I'm awaiting some lining fabric before I start sewing this!

I'm planning a sweater project for a dear family friend who has been extra supportive to me over the past year.  She is also a fantastic photographer.  We're planning something appropriate for use while on her boat in the summer, but also a four-season sweater.  Something kind of beachy but classic.  Probably something from Classic Elite's Boathouse pattern book.
And I have started a February baby sweater... hopefully to be gifted in April.  I decided Coco has enough sweaters for now, at least until next winter.

I am also thinking about Easter baskets. I picked up some baskets at Goodwill over the weekend in Phoenix.  I might make a matching doll dress for Coco's basket, and I'm thinking a dog theme for AJ.  We'll see how much energy I have for these....

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  1. So many great projects in the works! I can't wait to see the finished items. Hope the kids are feeling better.