Bonnet Season

kingpod bonnet
Yesterday I made a bonnet to go with Coco's new Easter/ Birthday dress... and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.  I used the Kingpod Bonnet pattern by Amy Karol.  Let me tell you, it was the best $8 impluse buy I've had in a while.  The pattern is wonderful -- very easy to follow but not too detailed, and leaves room for much creativity.  This pattern will be great for all the other bonnets I am now dreaming up for family and friends of all ages since the pattern has three sizes - baby, child and adult. 

I used the same Anna Maria Horner Garden Party fabric for this bonnet that I got from Sew Mama Sew.  I just love this fabric - the more I work with it the more detail I am picking up with the pattern.  I added some vintage cream and lavendar lace for decoration, and then this stretchy tulle that my mom gave me from a pair of her socks that wore out.  I was wondering what in the world I would do with this stuff, and then realized it would be the perfect straps for the bonnet - soft, stretchy, flouncy -- perfect for an Easter bonnet with frills upon it!

And this project was fast -- altogether with cutting pressing and sewing maybe an hour.  This 'topped' off my weekend very nicely with something tangible and lovely completed, amidst all the unfinished projects and the major tasks of parenting two little kids.  I love how being creative can bring such much-needed joy!

Groovy Couture

It has been one of those weeks where I have been ready to pull my hair out.  So today when both kids were actually asleep at the same time, and I should have been too, I finally got to make something I've been wanting to make for weeks -- a dolly dress.  From start to finish this took about 45 minutes, including pattern design, cutting, sewing, and fitting.  Then Coco woke up.  I did the final thread trimming in the afternoon.

This doll is a Groovy Girl doll.  My mother-in-law introduced me to these cuties.  She picks them up secondhand and has a drawer full of them!  I found my first one at Goodwill about a month ago.  Her name is Kelsey, according to her tag.  Her outfit was a dreadful cheerleader thing, didn't fit well.  So I decided to make her a dress to match Coco's soon-to-be-made Easter/birthday dress (hint:  this is the fabric for the dress!  Anna Maria Horner thankyou). 

I forgot how much fun and satisfying it is to make a doll dress.  Really it makes me a little too happy with myself.  I have a feeling she and Coco may be matching more often...



I don't have any completed projects to show yet.  Partially due to travel, partially due to sick kids, and mostly due to the fact that I have about ten projects that I'm getting going right now.  Something about the snow here is making me want to just sit around and plan projects and order fabric (which I have been doing and I have to stop now!!!)  Here is where some of my inspiration is settling right now:

Finally getting some of Anna Maria Horner's voile!  I am hoping to make this dress for myself.  I haven't made myself a dress in many years, but think I could use a sewing project that I will directly benefit from. 

I'm making aprons, hopefully some to sell, some to gift.  I'm having fun with the fabric for this!

I just cut out Coco's Easter/birthday dress with the Oliver + S bubble dress pattern.  I'm awaiting some lining fabric before I start sewing this!

I'm planning a sweater project for a dear family friend who has been extra supportive to me over the past year.  She is also a fantastic photographer.  We're planning something appropriate for use while on her boat in the summer, but also a four-season sweater.  Something kind of beachy but classic.  Probably something from Classic Elite's Boathouse pattern book.
And I have started a February baby sweater... hopefully to be gifted in April.  I decided Coco has enough sweaters for now, at least until next winter.

I am also thinking about Easter baskets. I picked up some baskets at Goodwill over the weekend in Phoenix.  I might make a matching doll dress for Coco's basket, and I'm thinking a dog theme for AJ.  We'll see how much energy I have for these....

Kid Chef Kit for LUNAFEST

I am excited to share a preview of the basket I'm donating to the LUNAFEST film festival happening this Saturday, 2/6, in Flagstaff.   This is a KID CHEF KIT!  What kid wouldn't love their very own apron, play mitt and chef hat?  And then there are the cupcakes.  These felt cupcakes would be wonderful for a tea party. 

kid chef kit

The cupcakes
felt cupcakes

The chef hat
chef hat

The play mitt
toddler play oven mitt

The apron
the reluctant chef

The KID CHEF KIT will be part of the silent auction at LUNAFEST this weekend in Flagstaff.  Proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Fund and Girls on the Run of Coconino County.  Thanks to Beth of Stroller Strides Flagstaff for putting this together, I am thrilled to make this donation!