Celebration sewing

Some recent activities - birthday celebrations, holidays - have inspired some sewing in our house!  Here you can see the Anna wrap dress from Farbenmix that I made for miss Coco - I have been waiting for 3 years to make one of these, after seeing my friend Jeanne make several of these... when C asked for a dress I knew exactly what I wanted to make!  I really enjoy this pattern because of the simplicity, ingenuity, and the fact that I made it one Friday morning in about 2 hours.  I used these directions from Mama Hen Jen for making it reversible, too, which is so clever.  I used some Kaffe Fassett millifiore fabric that looks like fireworks sort of, and then some amusement park fabric my mom gave me.  The reverse is a yellow calico also from my mom.

Anna wrap dress
I have a feeling I'll be making more of these!

Speaking of making more, I also made miss Mags a first birthday outfit!  I used the same Kaffe Fassett fabric (in two slightly different patterns) and some purple floral fabric from Joann's.  The pants are a pattern I cut from some baby pants a few years ago and I keep making them.  The topic is the Ice Cream Dress - in tunic form, from Oliver + S - this is my third use of this pattern and I love it.  I love the finishing especially, and I tend lately to gravitate towards sewing that I can do when a little overtired and overextended.

birthday suit

And M got a birthday crown like big brother and sister, this one in purple with some of the florals from the Kaffe Fassett fabric as the 'gems'.  She should be able to wear this into adulthood - unless her head is much bigger than mine :)
birthday crown

Haven't gotten the pics of AJ's amusement park board shorts up yet... we shall see!

winter's end?

I've been quiet for many months, as I adjust to life as a mother of three (!) with a full time job.  I'm happy to say that knitting has been happening.  I have a sweater for myself going right now, and did several sweaters for the kiddos...

Winter is finishing up (sort of) in Northern AZ, and I thought I better post some of these sweater projects from the past months.

photos:  boheme sweater for MMP, three baptism sweaters, hiking in red rocks with my little boy