A Year of the Boating Sweater

A year ago, shortly after leaving New England for Arizona, I began planning a sweater for my friend Mary-Jo.  Mary-Jo is almost a second mother to me, and over the past few years she has been a friend and supporter through good times and bad.  She is also a professional photographer, and has been very generous in taking photographs of my family and children.  To thank her, I asked if she would like me to knit her a sweater!

In the warmer months she spends time with her family on their boat.  They often sleep on the boat while docked all around the New England coast.  It was her idea to do a summery sweater that would be good for breezy times on the boat.

We settled upon the Classic Silk Top-Down Pullover by Kim Barnette, and I ordered the yarn, Classic Elite Classic Silk, from WEBS in Northampton, MA.  The yarn has just enough silk in it to be luxurious but also beachy.

Well, it ended up taking me a whole year to complete the sweater!  Due to many, many transitions, changing homes, sides of the country, going back to work and getting back into a routine with daycare dropoff, and I think a needed hiatus, I knit very slowly last year.  I was determined to finish this sweater before 2011, and did so on New Year's Eve :)  Mary-Jo is now in possession of the sweater and I'm hoping she'll send me some pictures soon!  My sister Anna is my model in the photographs, it looks pretty fantastic on her! 

This year feels different. Already I am knitting like my old self.