Melman pants and a quilt-in

I keep forgetting to take pictures and also to post things about my sewing these days. Here are some odds n ends....
melman pants
First, some pants for AJ.  I used the Elasticated Pants pattern from Making Children's Clothes for these, and some giraffe (or Melman if you're familiar with Madagascar) fabric from Michael Miller.  Love these!  Nice and lightweight for the breezy 60-70's we're getting here in late spring.  And they can be PJ pants too.  Note the real underwear instead of a diaper... we are making progress in other ways here!

quilt blocks
And I started a kind of quilt-in at my house over the weekend.  I have a lot of scraps and decided to make some quilt blocks to use them up.  I am still thinking about the end result -- maybe a quilt for Coco since these fabrics are from many of the clothes I have made her, and it will be a nice memento of her early childhood.  I may do some Sunbonnet Sue blocks to go with.  Or I might make quilted purses/project bags out of them... I have a quilted bag my mom made and I love it.  We shall see...  in the meantime, I just love the gratification of cutting triangles and randomly sewing them together to make blocks -- so beautiful to look at too!!!