24 hour curtains

rosey curtains
These curtains were made within about a 24 hour period.  Not that curtains take long to make, but you know, I have limited time in my life these days!  I got this fabric from the wonderful Sew Mama Sew, it was on sale, and I always try to buy fabric on sale :)  This is Trellis Floral Rose in the Santorini line by Lisa Tueller.  I love the bright flowers and the choppy look of it.  Originally I was looking for something in a mint green, but this fabric just called out to me.  I bought extra to make either a one year birthday dress (also picked up this pattern!) or some pillow or a small quilt.  Wouldn't it be so Sound of Music if I make the dress out of this fabric?  Or Gone with the Wind?  Probably more Sound of Music...

rosey curtains

The curtains are far from perfect.  I didn't match the patterns, I didn't even press the material that much, and there are definitely bunches at the hem lines.  But they look great, they block the light for those crucial daytime naps, and I have the satisfaction of accomplishing something tangible before Wednesday!

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  1. These are just delightful! What a wonderful way to brighten up a room!