I heart pink I think

Valentine's Day came early since husband Ethan was on call this weekend (and had to drive in to the hospital at 2:30 am on Valentine's morning!!!  He was back home in bed by 6:30 am).  We went to this great cheesecake store (yep, a cheesecake STORE) and picked up some special treats.  We shared a peanut butter mini cheesecake on Valentine's eve while watching episodes of Flight of the Conchords and Entourage. 

cheesecake next to Valentine's table display -- kisses, homemade valentines, pink calla lillies in a Navajo vase Ethan bought for me from someone at his work

Coco got to wear her 'funny' hat as her brother calls it on Valentine's Day.  I made this hat out of a beautiful sparkly coral sweater from Anthropologie that was shrunk several years ago by Ethan.  I knew eventually it would have a new life.  And now it is a funny gnome-like hat.  It is very light-weight but warm wool blend, and I made matching mitts for Miss Coco to wear when I can keep them on her.  She has received several compliments/comments on this hat!  I just cut free-form a pointy shape and seamed it up.  Very easy.  Very happy to have recycled this sweater!  It should fit her at least until after her first birthday I think.  And it went wonderfully with her pink/red outfit.

our little Valentine elf in her recycled sweater hat chillin' in the grocery cart

me in the sweater several years ago (at the Cheesecake Factory, incidentally!) with my good friend Sadie

I got some new nailpolish -- super duper pink from back in the eighties is what it reminds me of.  I have been into painting my nails lately, something I haven't done in literally 5-6 years.  Maybe it is because I need a few minutes of peace and pampering lately?!?  The color goes well with our valentine's spread.  AJ has already  had two red lollipops today (red being his favorite color) and one red chocolate kiss with his (ahem) breakfast.  We have some cheesecake bites for dessert tonight!

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