Making children's clothes: apron

the reluctant chefI picked up a copy of Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy.  So far, I am pretty happy with this book.  It contains many basic and practical patterns for children's clothing, and all the patterns are at the back of the book.  I am working on some kid's aprons right now, and decided to try the apron pattern in the book.

Overall, I like the pattern very much.  It looks great, it wasn't too hard to put together over the course of a few evenings, and I like some of the details like the wrap around ties and the front pockets.  It is technically reversible, although the pocket is only on one side.  The instructions in the book are clear and the illustrations are definitely helpful.  In terms of detail, I would have liked a bit more -- a reminder of the seam measurements, and more instruction on the binding around the neck.  I always have trouble with binding, especially when there are corners involved.  I guess I need to look up a tutorial for that!

I used some Joel Dewberry Ginseng fabric -- I like the weight of the home decor fabric for kid's clothing -- very durable!  My son has two pairs of pants in Joel Dewberry decorator fabric and they are indestructable.  I was attempting to make a gender neutral apron, although my husband says the fabric is a little feminine.  Well, that is fine with me!  I like the way this turned out very much.

child's apron

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