Black and white apron is ready to rolllll

Well I've made another apron! This one is more of an apron/smock.  And this one is for AJ.  He has one like this that he uses when he is painting and doing artwork.  I liked the design and decided to try copying the pattern.  I am proud of the results!  I made my design reversible, with pockets on one side. 

boyish apron
I decided to do this apron in black and white because of the current Tie One On that Amy Karol is hosting.  Black and white was good inspiration for a little boy apron/smock.  I found some really nice fabric at the local sewing shop (Odegaard's), and knew I wanted some checker fabric plus something else.  I was thinking cool skater/punk/California style with the checker fabric.  I think a guy had a checker hat with graffiti designs on it during an episode of Entourage I watched recently, and that stuck with me.  Then I found some batik-looking fabric in black that has a subtle tree bark/tire track look.  Perfect -- added a car/road theme! 

I think this will be a great all purpose apron and smock for any baking or art that AJ wants to do, and he should fit into it for at least a year or two I think. And I will definitely be using this 'pattern' again.

The original apron I based the pattern on....

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