I love making things for my kids: cool clothes!

Today Coco wore a little Oliver + S Swingset Tunic I made for her over the summer, over a brown onesie and leggings, along with a pair of my old striped socks that I turned into leggings 'cause the heel had a whole.  I just seamed up the raw edge and the stretchy sock fabric made such a nice lettuce edging!  I know she is my child, and I made this lovely tunic in this lovely Heather Bailey fabric, but gosh she looks so coool :)

Here's how she looked in the tunic at 4 months.
swingset tunic 

Now, at 10 months, she is literally zooming around in this.  The cotton fabric sticks out a little stiffly and looks so cute.  It makes me happy to see her in this.  I know my style tends a little on the wild side with patterns and colors, and this outfit was a perfect outlet of my own sense of fashion. 

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