I'm a February Lady

February LadyI did it!  I managed to finish my February Lady sweater before the end of February!  I began knitting this sweater in the car even before crossing out of the Connecticut border on our cross country drive to our new home in Arizona.  I knit all through the trip, and then in the evenings and on car rides over the past two months since arriving.  I set a goal of completing it by the end of February, and by the end of the Olympics (even though I did not participate in the knitting Olympics this time around).  Hooray!  I have achieved a goal!

I put the sweater on this morning and I'm glad I decided to wait on buttons (I made room for three), and instead used my shawl pin and I think I'm going to leave it buttonless for a while.  Shawl pins give a lot of versatility.  I love mine.  I can move the pin down to the tummy area if I'm feeling a little sensitive about the remaining post baby pouch. 

The best moment came at the end of breakfast at a local restaurant today, when we were getting ready to leave, a woman walking by with her toddler stopped me and said 'Nice February Lady!'  Boy that made my day.  I love the knitting world. 

Now I have to decide if I'm going to make the original February sweater from EZ's Knitter's Almanac for Miss Coco.  I have some yarn... we'll see what happens :) 

February Lady

I really like the fit of the sweater so far, but I am glad to be done with the knitting.  There are so many varied memories knit into this one, the excitement of the move, the frustrations of living in a hotel, the struggles of getting settled, the joy of feeling at home in a new place.  I think this means a new chapter is beginning.  Glad to be closing this February.  Hello spring, are you out there somewhere?

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